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Who says plywood can't be beautiful?

  • Real Wood
  • Easy to clean
  • Furniture Grade Finish
  • Custom Color Matching
  • Easy to Install
  • Multiple Sizes

What's Special About Etchwood Plywood Panels?

EtchWood plywood is ideal when you have a large area to cover, but don't want to sacrifice style and design. Available in all the colors and textures you've come to expect from EtchWood.

Quick Coverage

If you have a large area to cover, consider Etchwood plywood panels. While easy to install, the textures and colors available give the look of individual boards, and dress up what could be a bland empty space.

Ideal For Home Use

Never considered plywood for use in your home? Our varied textures and colors can make quick work of a big project, all while keeping that warm, homey atmosphere you want.

Easy To Clean

Design choices for areas that need thorough cleaning can be limited. With Etchwood's texturing process, the surface fibers are not broken, allowing you to include wood surfaces in your decor, and ensuring a healthy, easy to clean environment.

Flexible Design

Etchwood plywood panels can be used with any of our other wood products. Continuity of design is easy to achieve, no matter how you choose to use our beams, wall boards, shiplap planks, or plywood panels.

Planning A Plywood Project

Planning Project Plywood

Etchwood plywood panels are 1/2" thick, and come in 4' x 8' sheets.

Plywood Projects

How our clients are using Etchwood Plywood

Home Interior

A number of Etchwood products were used in this project. Our flooring was used in this living room ...
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Woodhouse Restaurant Interior

This Restaurant in Grabil, IN utilized Etchwood for the entryway interior, doorway beams, wall panels, floating benches. Etchwood ...
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New Park Model Designed With Etchwood

Woodland Park a park model manufacturer in Middlebury IN recently launched a new Park Model that utilized Etchwood ...
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