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Vintage Textures On Modern Materials

Creating EtchWood

EtchWood textures can be added to many new materials and products – Custom wooden beams, hardwood flooring, plywood, trim, handrails, banisters, and even polywood products.

Reclaimed wood is beautiful but hard to work with and difficult to clean. EtchWood eliminates these problems by creating a reproducible texture, ensuring a consistent product throughout your entire project.



Vintage Barn Wood

We started with the wood from a late 18th-century barn. The authentic marks of the tools and time etched deep into each piece. 



Custom Machine Texture

Unique pieces were carefully selected and a dimensional scan recreated on a modern machine to reproduce those same marks.



The Stories Preserved

Those same authentic marks can now be recreated on new material, ready to integrate with the stories that you are creating.

How EtchWood Is Being Used

The EtchWood Process

The Etchwood process replicates authentic rustic saw cut marks into new wood materials without cutting into the fibers of the wood. This process creates a smoother product than rough-cut reclaimed barn wood.

Seamless Pattern

Etchwood is available in a number of seamless patterns and is produced by heat embossing the pattern into new wood materials.

Custom Material

Etchwood can be created in your choice of wood and some polymers. Solid wood or plywood panels can be used and duplicated consistently.

Etchwood is produced by Valley Line Wood Products

Featured Dealer

At Etchwood, we believe in bringing you the best products and the best businesses.

Our dealer network is made up of businesses who strive to serve customers with excellence.

Our Featured Dealer page is designed to highlight outstanding businesses that provide Etchwood products, installation, and showrooms.

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